Favorite Things: Late October Edition

We’re roaring into Fall. It’s been in the 60s every single day for a week here, and I am soaking up every moment of this crisp feeling. I’m solo parenting for this last stretch of the month, and that means a lot of short cuts around here so that we can all stay sane. So, today, I’m sharing a few of my Fall favorites.

This Pumpkin Spice Latte Cold Brew from Califia is what I think pumpkin spice should be – evocative of Fall flavors, not cloying. I bought it for my sister when she was visiting, and we both have been “spiking” our coffee with it lately. It’s made with real pumpkin, no soy and no dairy, and has less than 100 calories in an 8 oz serving.

I caved and bought me and Marilyn matching Fall sweatshirts from Marley Lilly. I’ve been obsessed with their monogrammed items for a while, but now that they have a toddler line, it’s like take all my money. When you spend $100, you get free shipping, and most orders qualify for free blanket scarves, too. Life’s too short to not do mommy & me fashion, amIright?

Billions. Zac and I are burning the candle at both ends binge watching the mumbler of the century, Paul Giamatti and Damien Lewis in this totally addictive series on Showtime. Our free three months of Showtime ends in a few weeks, so we’re in a race against time. I can’t remember the last time we both loved a show so much. The writing keeps you guessing, and the characters are so complex. The Ann’s Snack Shack ghetto burger reference from this week had me chuckling (shout out to my ATL hot spots).

While lazing by the pool in Miami, I finished this fantastic book of short stories by Curtis Sittenfeld, author of Prep, Eligible, American Wife and Man of My Dreams. The stories are modern, set in a post-Trump era and seem to capture the unfinished nature of so many connections and relationships in our lives. I enjoyed them so much, and even let Zac read a few. Curtis continues to be an author of our time, and I still really love to mix up my reading list with a book of short stories every once in a while.

Speaking of books, my hero (sorry Ina, you’ve been dethroned), published her new cookbook this month, filled with meaty chapters dedicated to all of my favorite cooking mediums: Instant Pot, skillet, Air Fryer, Slow Cooker and Sheet Pan. Man, does this woman speak my language. I’ve always kind of hated the name Skinnytaste – it is reminiscent of Skinnygirl margaritas (ew), but anyone who has cooked Gina’s incredible food, knows that she builds flavor seemingly effortlessly. Her recipes also tend to pull from an established list of pantry and freezer ingredients that I find easy to procure and keep on hand. If you’re in a rut, you simply can not go on without owning this new book- expect to see a lot of these meals on my insta this Fall.

I attempted these pumpkins, thinking, wow, that looks so easy. Wrong, simply wrong. I was going to post a tutorial, but my tutorial shall read as such: run, don’t walk, away from anything that involves perfect lines on imperfect gourds that is time bound by naptime.

For you Netflix subscribers, I watched Private Life this weekend with Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn. It’s the story of a couple trying to have a baby, and I think it really captured the mundane, the depressing, and the blessed optimism of couples who experience infertility. It’s worth a watch when you’re in the mood for a flick.

Finally, I got my brows microbladed last week. So far, I’m thrilled. Zac says I should drive a Harley now that I’m all tatted up- but really it was a very easy, mildly uncomfortable, but really simple process, and I woke up today, rolled outta bed, and found that I really didn’t need more than my tinted moisturizer now that my brows are defined. I’ve always hated my super blonde brows, and so this was a really nice upgrade to my mom-hair-don’t-care look.

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed this little round-up!



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