Fall Flowers

Friends know that I like to arrange my own flowers. In fact, nothing gives me the heebie jeebies more than buying a pre-made bouquet – they are always so overpriced and underwhelming. I like to always have fresh flowers in the house, and over the years have found, surprise surprise, that Trader Joe’s has the flowers that last the longest. I also love their diverse selection and prices.  When we lived in Alabama, we had a fantastic wholesale flower store where I would shop. Check to see if you have one locally, but for weekly arrangements, grocery store or TJs flowers work really well.

Yesterday, we decided to host an impromptu dinner party for new friends, so I went to Trader Joe’s and bought four bouquets – two $3.99 bouquets of mums (one in gold, one in burgundy), a $4.99 bouquet of sunflowers, and a $2.99 bunch of eucalyptus. So, for $16, total, I created two huge, gorgeous arrangements.



Here’s what you need.

  1. Vessels – you could use a jar, you can use your favorite Tiffany vase, but I generally find that I do best with an opening that is about 6-8″ across and round – this helps do the arranging for me. My aunt found me this amazing vase in Napa a few years ago, and I wish I could find it again, but this one is close
  2. Clippers – you don’t want to use your scissors for this, if you buy a lot of flowers, you will need to give them nice clean cuts – invest in these.
  3. Water (duh)
  4. A space for arranging – I usually put a paper bag near me for the trash – leaves and stems

Things work well in 3s – you’ll notice I use three sprigs of eucalyptus and 3 sunflowers in each arrangement. I usually start by cutting 6-7″ off of the bottom of the stems, and then inserting one and seeing if I’m happy with the height.

Start with one stem, and then insert others around it, eyeballing the arrangement, and mixing colors. I remove all of the leaves from the stems first – they make the water gross and the arrangement won’t last as long.

I started with alternating burgundy and yellow mums and then inserted the sunflowers and the eucalyptus last. You will end up with two rather large arrangements- one for you and one for a friend!


If you try these, show me your results!


2 thoughts on “Fall Flowers

  1. TJ’s does the best flowers – I’ve had carnations from there that lasted a whole month! My favourite place to keep flowers is in the bathroom, on the countertop between the two sinks – I see them first thing on a morning and again last thing at night, and it just sets me in the right mood for the day, or for falling asleep happy.


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