My Pizza Secret

I have a secret. I love pizza but I never eat it. It’s just that I love so many things so much more, and in the quest to become fit and wear scandalous bathing suits on my anniversary trips, I’ve kind of broken up with pizza. My family suffers with me. Since I make 99% of the food decisions under this roof, they haven’t really had pizza in…a long time. If you ever have us to your kid’s birthday party and my kids and husband eat all of the pizza, now you know why.

What about Califlour-based crusts, you ask? Well, I’ve been nosing around that trend for a while and was shocked to find that the average cauliflower crust is still 500-600 calories and filled with more ingredients than I can list or pronounce.

So, when my childhood friend told me about her new obsession – Cali’Flour pizza crusts, over the summer, I was kind of counting the days til we could move into our new house and stock our freezer with these bad boys. Cali’Flour pizza crusts have 180 calories in the entire crust. 180! All of the ingredients are real foods that you can pronounce, and there are only five ingredients.

They come in Italian, Red Pepper, and my favorite, Jalepeno. They are thin and crispy and the perfect vehicle for all of your favorite toppings. Last Friday, we topped ours with proscuitto and lightly dressed arugula. The kids love them, too. They have no idea what they are eating.

Friday nights have become pizza nights in our family, and with as hard as I’m working at the gym, I love finishing the week this way. I can’t recommend them enough.

They are not sold in all stores, but they are shelf-stable. They last best when frozen and are sold online at – we order ours online. Try them! You will not be disappointed, and you can let pizza back into your life again like I did.

If you do decide to purchase, do me a fave and use my link:

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