Monogrammed Pumpkin


Fall is one of those cryptic seasons that often gets ahead of itself. September hits, school goes back, football kicks off and you find yourself wanting a good gourd project, but it’s not quite cool enough to carve one, lest it fall in on its squishy self 30 seconds later. Or, you’re like me, and you have approximately 15 minutes a day to do anything creative in the “home decor” department, you’re totally intimidated by women who have entire weekends and designers devoted to redecorating their houses for the seasons, and you’re looking for a quick way to refresh your front porch for about $2.

If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place.  Grab a sharpie – a big fat one, and google “script font” and your last name initial and choose images, and see what comes up. Grab a pumpkin at Trader Joes (I find that they usually have them before anyone else) and steady your hand and voila! If you’re feeling really frisky, google your monogram and maybe buy a back-up pumpkin. Or, make a pumpkin for everyone in your family and a big one with your family initial. I think I might attempt that feat this year.

Take that, Better Homes and Gardens.

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