Trader Joe’s: Easy Lentil Dip

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Earlier this Summer,  we had a toddler dinner. That’s code for dinner served at a ridiculously early hour, usually outdoors, where adults drink adult beverages and toddlers eat three bites of food, run around and burn about 10,000 calories, and everyone goes home happy.

My friend Margo provided the appetizer for this particular toddler dinner, and Margo never travels light when it comes to food. One time, she brought two entire Whole Foods cakes to a dinner with 8 people. Another time, she brought enough rice and beans to feed a soup kitchen. You get the point.

Margo brought this dip to share, and when she told me the ingredients, I filed them away in my brain knowing I would make this dip again and again. It has three ingredients, it feeds a crowd, and it can be served room temperature. It packs the perfect amount of saltiness, creaminess and tang.

All of the ingredients are purchased at Trader Joes

  • one package of the pre-cooked lentils (these are in the fridge section and are vacuum-sealed)
  • one jar of the TJ’s bruschetta
  • one container of crumbled feta cheese

All you do is mix, serve with chips (I love the TJ’s version of fritos with this dip, and it makes it easy to dip for little fingers). Leftovers can be served over lettuce with a little grilled chicken. Food stylists may add something green like chopped scallions to perk up the color, but it really doesn’t need a thing.




2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s: Easy Lentil Dip

  1. Yum!! Never tried this but as a Trader Joe’s obsessed fan I already love it! I make an easy lentil soup with the precooked lentils + box of red pepper tomato soup + cumin and it was the best discovery in the newborn days…it still felt “homemade” with minimal effort. I like to add hot sausage sometimes too to “beef it up” (no pun intended) 😂


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