Designing a Shared Room


From the moment when our move to Virginia was confirmed, I started planning and dreaming about the kids’ room. I was 95% sure that they would continue to share a room, as they have since George was 5 months old (before that, he bunked with us), but I wasn’t sure which house we would find.  So, when we chose this house, I was thrilled that the largest bedroom was big enough to serve as their shared room in addition to a playroom.

I knew I wanted:

  • Matching twin beds, with matching bedding with something gender-specific on each bed
  • A reading nook where we could repurpose the bean bag chair and the IKEA spice racks we painted in California
  • Lots of bins for toys, dress-up clothes, and stuffies
  • A large area for them to play on the floor
  • A dresser so that they could get their own pajamas and underwear out at night

My biggest challenge was finding bedding that was neutral enough to work for both kids, but not boring. I fell in love with this Pottery Barn Kids madras, but agonized over whether it was too girly for GQ. In June, Marilyn and I took a trip to the store and when I found his blue sheets, I knew it was a go. We got the entire set on sale including sheets for both beds.

Next, I had to select beds that would be timeless and wouldn’t break the bank. Having followed Project Junior on insta, I had fallen in love with the Jenny Lind-esque style of these twin beds, and chose these from Wayfair. They were easy to assemble. To start, we haven’t put box springs on the beds. We wanted to make sure the kids wouldn’t fall out first. We’ll add those soon.

Once I had the beds, and the bedding, the rest came together. A local store uses chalk paint to reinvent furniture. We purchased a mid-century dresser from them and it set the blue tone and I think deemphasized the pink in the madras bedding. I love the shape of the dresser and the legs.

My talented mother painted watercolors for above the beds, and we repurposed the Pillowfort animal heads above each headboard.

Finally, I spent weeks trying on rugs, first falling in love with this one from Target, and later selecting a larger one from Wayfair. Bins from Pillowfort rounded out the storage and I’m still working on my plan for this large open wall (stay tuned for a blog post!)

In the end, I’m so happy with the way it turned out. It feels vintage and timeless, but playful and coherent. Tucking my babies in every night, I am a little tempted to climb in, and when they play for hours upstairs, I am reminded that I created this great little space for them!


2 thoughts on “Designing a Shared Room

  1. Do adorable and perfect! I love that they started sharing a room when George was 5 months old. We have another coming in March and although we do have 3 bedrooms; I really want to keep the third as a guest room since both sets of grandparents live out of state. Gives me hope that it can be done! 🙌🏻


    1. It can be done! I was the same way- desperately wanted to preserve that guest room for family helpers. I love that the kids share a room – I’ll do a post about how we did it (more details) at some point!


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